AAF 8 gallon ADD-ON Fuel Cell

AAF 8 gallon ADD-ON Fuel Cell


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AAF 8 gallon ADD-ON Fuel Cell

We got tired of running out of fuel before a two hour stint was over, so we developed this bolt-in solution for all E46, M and non-M! Our kit features a small, lightweight 8 gal aluminum cell, installed in addition to the stock tank.  The cell bolts down to in the trunk to the frame rails.  For even faster pit stops we include a dual cap quick fill filler neck setup that does away with the stock filler neck and accepts fuel as fast as your cans will flow.

This kit is easy to remove if you are running sprint races with your car as well as endurance events.

If you have an AAF truck fill kit already and would like to add a fuel cell to it just give us a call or send and email.  We will get you just the parts you need.


How does the AAF 8 gallon ADD-ON Fuel Cell work with the stock tank?


Activate the included auxiliary fuel pump when the stock tank gets low on fuel. The auxiliary fuel pump will move all eight gallons out of the cell into the stock tank. if the stock tank is full the fuel just runs back into the cell so there is no danger in overflowing. This will yielding that extra runtime you need to help keep putting down laps.

This product helped us take home a win the first time out with it.


What’s in the kit

The kit includes

  • 8 Gallon fuel Cell
  • Transfer pump
  • Duel flip caps & tray
  • Install mounting brackets and hardware
  • Trunk fill kit with breather can for stock tank
  • Clear fill hose and all the pluming



Get the AAF Quick Fuel Fill Kit for E46 & E36


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