AAF E46 Rear Finned Diff Cooler Attachment

AAF E46 Rear Finned Diff Cooler Attachment

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The AAF E46 Rear Finned Differential Cooler Attachment

If you bend or break your fins, replacement fins are available for purchase soon

We at AAF got tired of finned diff covers getting destroyed or bent. We wanted to come up with a cost effective solution for our customers– The Finned Differential Cooler Attachment is fast, simple and easy to install while still getting the air flow to your rear diff and keeping the temperature of your differential fluid down.

Our Differential Cooler attachment kit assures you no longer have to dump or drain your fluids to attach a new diff fin. Even if with an off-road excursion, you can easily replace the fins on the attachment, get back on the track, and get to the front

This kit has proven to lower the temp of your diff fluid 30%. This over heating could be causing a loss in horsepower! Lower these temperatures and get to the front!

Why do I need a Diff Cooler?

Although you may not be tearing up equipment, high heat levels in your differential may be costing you horsepower! As the ring-and-pinion gears mesh, intense heat is generated at the point of contact. Simply pointing an infrared temp gun at the differential cover will tell you the temperature of the cover, but not the real temperatures being reached by the fluid. Preventing diff fluid from overheating is not only beneficial in endurance racing, but in sprint races too.

If you’re looking for a more internal fluid cooling option, check out our E46 Diff Fluid Cooling Kit

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The AAF E46 Rear Finned Differential Cooler Attachment

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