AAF Porsche Under Control Arm Rear Brake Duct Scoop

AAF Porsche Under Control Arm Rear Brake Duct Scoop

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A Must for Racing Your Porsche

AAF Specially Designed for the  Porsche Boxster, Cayman and 911 these brake ducts to fit the Cayman  perfectly, other brake ducts we’ve tried don’t fit exactly how we’d like, so we modified previous designs to make a perfect fitting duct. Extend the life of your calipers pads and rotors with the AAF Porsche Cayman, Boxster, and 911 Brake Ducts. Brake cooling is a must for Porsche’s that see track use and Porsche Racing. Rotors calipers and pads can last twice as long with our cooling brake ducts.

Get more air to your brakes and rotors and extend the life of them! This light weight custom made brake duct will help on the streets and especially on the track! If you get the kit and happen to brake or crack the duct scoops, you could get your next set for half off retail price! Give us a call to get this deal!

FULL KIT includes: both scoop ducts and attaching hardware

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