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AAF E46 Alum Mesh Center Bumper Grill (# 116178)


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AAF E46 Alum Mesh Center Bumper Grill

Protect your engine! The factory bumpers have a cheap plastic mesh that serve no purpose other than LOOKING like they will protect the radiator. In race car world, we know that plastic piece does no good against rocks at 130mph at the end of the front straight, in a pack of other race cars.

AAF uses this expanded aluminium grate mesh on all our sprint race cars. This part will give you leaps and bounds more protection against rocks and any other debris on the racetrack that can cause a punctured radiator. The aluminium mesh is lightweight and resilient. This part installs in minutes, and is one of the easiest and important upgrades you can do to your E46 race car. Kit comes with all hardware needed to secure this mesh to your M style front bumper.

AAF Sku: 116178

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 9 × 4 in


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