AAF Ford Focus RS Brake Cooling Kit

AAF Ford Focus RS Brake Cooling Kit

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AAF Ford Focus RS Brake Cooling Kit

Get a ton of air to your front rotors and don’t give up turning radius with the AAF Brake Duct Kit.  This kit installs fast and even works great with large race slicks on the front. This kit completely replaces the factory Ford brake ducts.

Brake cooling is a must for any Focus RS that sees track use. Brakes convert kinetic motion energy to thermal heat energy. The Focus RS comes factory with very large brakes that are capable of converting that energy very quickly. While this does mean the car can stop very quickly, it also means the brakes can overheat very quickly! This is why the factory brakes will typically only last a couple laps on the track before experiencing serious brake fade.

The factory RS brake ducts are very restrictive. The AAF duct inlets were designed with high tech CAD software and 3D printed in house to provide a shape and strength that is unmatched.

The AAF Focus RS Brake Backing Plates feature our open flow design to allow more efficient air flow into the brake hat, as well as provide cool air to the wheel bearings.  This gets more air to travel through the veins in the rotor than with other types of backing plates.

The AAF Focus RS Brake Backing Plate is the full size of the rotor and is also a heat shield for the shock and ball joints.  Heating of your shock oil will cause the oil to thin, changing the shock dampening characteristics. Protecting your ball joints & tie rods from heat will help to improve longevity and prevent premature wear. Wheel bearing life on a track driven RS can increase significantly with better cooling.

Backing plates are powder coated black for extra durability and attractive aesthetics.

Fitment:  US third generation (2011–2018).

Models with headlight washers have a larger washer bottle and will need The smaller bottle.  AAF keeps them in stock and you can click HERE to add in to your order.

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